Wheel-Trans Friendly Bus

Wheel-Trans service improvements

Wheel-Trans is the TTC’s door-to door service for people with physical mobility challenges who have the most difficulty using conventional transit services.

Wheel-Trans is committed to providing quality service and ensuring that its services are integrated with the TTC’s conventional accessible transit network. Customers can book their rides to and from accessible subway stations on Wheel-Trans buses, and contracted accessible taxis, both of which have access to TTC paid areas.

Wheel-Trans customers can now book a ride to and from the closest accessible subway station on the “day of service”.  Here is how the Same Day Link Service works:

Currently, Wheel-Trans zone and express services, as well as the Community Bus service, link with accessible subway stations and bus routes.

For more information, please visit เกมออนไลน์ที่ดีที่สุดWheel-Trans.