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Free Classifieds - Delivering a Flood of Traffic

It's easy to get discouraged when using Free Classifieds. At first it seems like you aren't accomplishing very much at all.

I know I did! I was expecting a flood of prospects to come pouring into my autoresponder, but it didn't happen!

I've been there and done that and now I'm ready to share with you the "Power of Free Classifieds" and how to deliver a flood of traffic to your website.

You need a method, a system, and most of all consistency! A program that you can follow consistently on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You do not have to be a failure in online marketing. I have a system that you can follow that will deliver traffic to your website on a consistent basis. However, you need to work the system! You cannot follow it for a day and then quit! That's what happens with 90% of the online businesses today. They build a website, place some products on it, do a little bit of advertising, and when nothing happens they give up - quit. Do you want to quit? NO!

If you follow the system I've laid out here on this website consistently for 30-days You Will See RESULTS!

Think of your free classified ads marketing efforts like a dam bursting forth it's water. A crack develops in the dam and water starts to seep out. The seep turns into a trickle and then the trickle into a flood as the dams bursts forth all it's been holding back.

When you post free classified ads you are the water pushing up agains the dam and you want to keep placing ads until a crack develops.

Don't expect the crack to develop if you don't put any pressure on the dam. It needs persistent pressure building up behind it before it releases the flood of traffic. That's where the Free Classifieds Traffic System comes in - it will outline for you a system that you can consistently apply each and everyday that will open up a flood of traffic to your site.

Free classified ads receive Millions of hits a day, yes I said Millions - each and every day of the week. That's more than most websites receive in a year. The system that follows taps into the flood of traffic that free classifieds generate.

There are literally tens of thousands of ad being posted to free classified websites every day. Some allow your ad to remain posted for 30 days or more, others 14 days, and the remainder 7 days. The problem postings are coming in every minute pushing your ad towards the bottom or on to the next page in a matter of hours. Your window of opportunity is maybe two to three hours!

The Free Classifieds Traffic System will show you how to make the best of the situation and maximize the exposure of your ads with only a few minutes of work each day. This system can and will produce between 200 and 300 hits a week on your website. It is only dependent on how you work the system! Are you ready?

Step 1.

Open five (5) free email accounts (Yahoo, Hotmail, Excite, Gmail, or some other free email supplier. You can even use your own website if you prefer) using variations of the same username like:

Step 2.

Determine what ads and headlines you want to post to the Free Classified Ads site!

Do not under any circumstances rush this! Take your time to think it through. This is the most important part of your advertising - choose your headlines with care and attention to detail. If you need assistance in this area then review the following article - Seven Headlines to Energize Your Ads.

A good headline has to turn a glimpse into a full blown stare! You have to stop the reader in his or her tracks!

(a) Change the headline: Many advertisers use the same ads in all 10 posts and just change the headline for each one. This is a good method to see which headline pulls the best.

So take your time to develop a strong headline. Ask yourself if you would respond to this headline? Just placing an ad does not guarantee you any traffic - the ad needs to pull.

(b) Change the category: You can post the same ad in 10 different categories and sub-categories. By doing this, you can reach people in ten different topics of interest. Different categories mean different people, which means more eyes viewing your ad.

(c) Change your content: You can change your advertising to highlight ten different products or opportunities.

Keep this in Mind! The most important part of any ad from the reader's point of view is

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